Sunday, August 19, 2007


So I've had (and having) a nightmare of a time with Ikea. Delivery originally scheduled for Thursday.. no delivery. I waited around all day Thursday waiting on a call/buzzer that never happened. Of course, a call can never happen when I didn't have my cell phone! Friday morning, I yelled/argued/had a gentlemanly discussion with the Ikea staff in their terrible execution of said delivery. Luckily, they saw it my way and agreed to do the delivery on Saturday.

Finally, my furniture arrives and it takes up my entire (entire) apartment. My living room is now boxes. I'm frantically trying to build everything so I can move into my room and move all of Matt's crap into his. I wonder how he's going to build all his crap. Ah well.. his problem!

Back to furniture building.


Song Of The Moment: None.
Comment: I've been keeping the music down so I can hear the Ikea guy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NYC: First Post

I have arrived. Sort of.

Physically, I am obviously here. And when I say physically, I literally mean just myself. The furniture, not so much. The rest of the clothes, not so much. The wine opener, still in transit.

The point is, while I have been here for a week, I have not settled in. Owing mostly to the lack of a cell phone and the lack of furniture, the lack of the former prevents me from contacting anything in the city while the latter prevents me from putting damn things away. (The little that I actually brought with me.)

In any case, I am becoming more familiar with the subway; while being very familiar with the art of walking and sweating. The city doesn't operate as fast as everyone says. I think I can keep up.

Not much else to say right now except for the pitiful way I am living while waiting for the furniture to arrive. My bed doubles as my chair. My suitcase doubles as my desk. *sigh* Furniture arrives tomorrow. It can't come sooner.


Song Of The Moment: Ciara Feat. 50 Cent - Can't Leave'em Alone
Comment: Finally, a good 50 song.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


There is something slightly trumatic with the process of moving permanently. Trauma may be a negative term, but it definitely changes you when you realize that you have to pack up and go.

Co-op at Waterloo has given me the experience of moving many times. To different cities, homes, and jobs. Through all of this though, there was the root. "Home home": the place I spent my formative years; the place I could put all the useless crap. Now, even that is being uprooted.

As a result, every little thing I own is being catagorized: to NYC, to maybe NYC, to the basement, to the garbage. You find stuff you never see, touch, use and yet can't throw out. Stuff you use all the time that you can't pack which means you'll probably forget to bring it. Stuff that you've used for 10 years and wonder why it's so ghetto.

In any case, revisiting your life through your material goods is indirectly a way to revisit your life period. The high school years in Markham, the university years in Waterloo and everywhere else, and now, the career years in New York.

I better not forget anything.


Song Of The Moment: Augustana - Boston
Comment: Where no one knows my name.