Saturday, November 29, 2008

In Love!

This post is to profess my newfound love. Oh, it was obvious to all that there was a strong attraction to begin with. I am ashamed to deny it now, but I resisted; resisted the temptation of your love, your protection, and your comforting touch.

You were there every morning to say hi. Wrap me up in a warm hug that, no matter what would happen on that day, let me know that everything would be okay. On days that I needed you more, you would always be there with a refill. It's like you never ran out!

As the days pass by and you let me do some weird stuff with you, I appreciate the flexibility that you exhibit. Your smell, so distinctive, would be enough to snap me out of any funk. With donuts, it's like a slam dunk. I love you, coffee.

Timmy's is the best!

(This was a terrible post. I just can't believe that I enjoy coffee so much; even when I am wide awake.)

PS to Jo: Shoes are awesome!


Song Of The Moment: Mr. Cheeks - Crush On You Feat. Mario Winans
Comment: It was on the winamp.

Song Of The Moment: Raymond Lam (林峰) - 愛不疚.mp3
Comment: Sent to me. It's awesome. Canto-pop is fantastic

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Thought Snippets

Two quickies.

One: earlier in the NBA season, I debated about NBA league pass. Last season, splitting it with Matt made more economical sense. On the last day, I ended up taking the plunge alone.

1.1) Getting every game is fantastic. There is nothing like kicking back and watching a bunch of games simultaneous AND back-to-back.

1.2) This would be easier to enjoy if the looming spectre of the CFA wasn't so large.

1.3) The Raptors are causing aneurysms in me.

Two: I don't understand old ladies and the bus. They clamour to get on the bus first. The nice thing is to let them on. But.... they get on, then they pay, and then they clog up the front of the bus?!?

Isn't the logical thing to let the people who are going to be in the back of the bus get on first. It's a natural flow. Instead, when the people at the end of the line get on, we are faced with a dilemma. Ahead are walkers, strollers, fat people, old people, frail people. Behind are people bumping you, angry that they had to wait. No one is pleasant and everyone from front to back is glaring. All the meanwhile, you are trying to get to the empty half of the bus.

Defies logic. I hate people.

Three: Very random. I just wanted to type.

Song Of The Moment: Lil Wayne - Mr. Carter
Comment: This album is pretty insane.