Sunday, March 30, 2008

NYC Night

Tonight was interesting.

It's almost 4 AM, so it's going to be short and sweet. No bar type story. At least not as I plan this entry in my head. If my fingers end up typing out the full story, so be it.

To lead off: Kill me now. Vince Carter a leader? Really? (Channeling his reaction to the MVP chants of Chris Bosh in last year's playoffs)

Second hole: We went to a bar called Fat Black Pussy Cat. I thought it was funny. More interestingly, the McDonald's at the corner has 6 McNuggets for $1. You read that correctly. After the bar, I prompted bought 12 nuggets. The deal was so good, I had to double check by asking the poor wait staff serving the many drunkards.

Third spot: Skinny jeans + men = something not right. While enjpying the tasy morsels of 'chicken', I was people watching. There was a disturbing number of New York males who are on the whole skinny jean fashion trend. First, not a fan. To make matters worse, some wanted to maintain their street cred by wearing the jeans low. So, in summary, we have these men, wearing tight jeans low. This results in the tightness showing off the lower body while the lowered jean position allows them to show their underwear choice. Which is fine, if it didn't look so weird, boxers all bunched out of the pants, since they had no place to go, given the tightness of the area below.

Cleanup: West 4th is an awesome area. It truly is one of the areas where the city never sleeps. Irony: Walking two blocks east to try and catch a cab, we hit an area that was absolutely quiet. The city changes dramatically in a number of blocks.

5th spot: NCAA tournament is not as fun without a bracket.

6th: Leafs suck. Again, I am not a hater of the Blue and White, but rather the team as it is currently constructed. As usual, I will bring up the glory days of Pat Quinn and their 'defense' consisted of CuJo with no help. Those were funs games to watch.

7,8,9: Fuck it, I'm sleeping



Song Of The Moment: Augustana - Sweet and Low
Comment: I can't wait for the album. And when they come to NYC. This time, I will not miss the concert.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Work On The Weekends...

... pretty much equals a 16 day week.
The problem is not:

  • the disappearance of all physical activity

  • the lack of proper nutrition

  • the propensity to drink

  • the now mythical social life

  • the unhealthy dependence on caffeine

Instead, it's the never ending stench of work that is around you. You can't carry on a real conversation without drifting your thought back to work. I was making a todo list in the shower. I woke up this morning thinking of different ways to improve what I currently have.

I am not bitching about work. In fact, I quite like it. What I had never expected to experience was the college/university phenomenon known as "bringing work home". Hopefully, this project will have shed a lot of light on work/life balance that I once laughed at.

On a more amusing note, I love New York weather. First, any snow that might fall will melt in less than 4 hours. No matter the severity of the storm. Essentially New York is a giant heater with all the buildings, subways and vehicles. This means that snow is reduced to a rumor. Sure, there is still falling from the sky; but the evidence is largely gone. Unfortunately, this negates one huge advantage of living in an apartment: no shoveling. There is nothing to brag about when the infrastructure takes care of all the snow.

On an unrelated note, I have yet to board this season.


Song Of The Moment: Michael Stipe - In the Sun Feat. Chris Martin
Comment: I stumbled upon this while on the interweb. It's so different from the original (which is still awesome), but I find myself playing this a lot more.