Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back! And it's almost August?!

Guess who's bizzack??

With that, July is almost over and August is here. Simply put, where has the time gone. One blink and a week goes back. Blink a few times, and that's a month. Next thing you know, it's 2010.

So what's up? List time? I think so!

1) Moving: What a disaster. Still in the old place. Waiting on the new place. Time is a runnin' out. Will there be homelessness in the future? Awesome! This IS a recession after all.

2) Twitter: You know, many days go by and things happen. I have two or three quick thoughts that I want to share, to see what other people think. Normally, the plan is to save them and blog it. However, as we all know, my adhd prevents me from actually remember these thoughts to put them in the blog. As a result, this blog is a bare as... you know... and my thoughts and questions go unanswered. Now twitter might be an ideal solution for this situation. However, do I really want to jump on this bandwagon? If enough friends twitter, it would be a great way to keep up with people's lives. MSN and FB are both not as mobile. We'll see.

3) Roy Halladay: Tough loss, but it's time we see him to a better place. What could have been: Carpenter/Halladay/Escobar. Two have World Series rings. Two have Cy Youngs. Toronto had all three. Just at the wrong time. What could have been: last year's rotation, true potential from the offense. Maybe we don't talk about trading Halladay, but picking up Holliday. Alas, our Toronto Blue Jays are in the AL East.

4) iPhone 3GS: On the todo list given that my iphone is 90% busted. Funny enough, the 10% is the internet capability and this sole function is pretty much all that is required. Email, web, maps, done. Who needs to TALK to people. That's so 1950!

5) ADHD: I had more to say, but I forgot. Maybe I'll try to remember and post more often.

Or go to Twitter.


Song Of The Moment: Chris Brown - Forever
Comment: Just because of this. Someone should do it! Who's getting married soon??