Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So in stalking my friends blogwise, I find out that I am linked on more than zero blogs.

That's weird and not so cool.

The joke's on them, I never update!


Song Of The Moment: Augustana - Sweet & Low
Comment: Look, I don't have time for new music. Yet. It will happen soon. I will spend a weekend in central park, with a bunch of allergy pills and my iPod. I will OCD-ily rank all the new songs I hear and determine what, if any, are worthy of eternal existence on the tal playlist. Of death.

Monday, May 19, 2008

New York Update

The city is fucking busy. I always thought that, as the weather warmed up, more people would choose to walk. As such, the subway would then be less crowded. Nope. That's not the cae, whether it be tourists (at 8:30?!), families (damn strollers), or the usually commuters (damn newspapers), something or someone is jabbing something into you. Thankfully, my commute is two stops. At times, it feels like two stops too many.

The Park. This time, the Park does not refer the the bar/lounge that's awesome. The Park is now the park that everyone knows and loves: Central Park. It's freaking great. It's like another world inside the city. Went for a run. Nice calm area (when you finally get to said park). Our run that was supposed to be harder than it was. Nevertheless, I am depressingly out of shape, so this will be required.

Plus, there are a lot of people. We all know, people watching is the new rage in a big city. Especially in New York. Everyone is running the park, young, old, men, women, big, small, smelly, etc. It's nice. Will this be the beginning of the New York City Marathon training? It's one thing on my bucket list...


Song Of The Moment: None.
Comment: Stupid computer crashed. Listening to boring old music.