Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guy Rules

Courtesy of Bill Simmons:

0. Pay up when you owe somebody money

1. Don't operate the remote control at someone else's house, unless they give it to you. (I break this one religiously)

2. Don't ask to borrow a porn movie under any circumstances.

3. Don't even think about hooking up with a friend's ex-girlfriend or sister.

4. When you're sharing a bed with another guy, sleep as far away from him as possible.

5. Don't use somebody's towel when you're using the same shower, unless there's absolutely no recourse.

6. Don't drink the last premium beer in someone's fridge, unless they give you the OK first.

7. Don't ask to borrow a DVD, unless it's someone you see at least two or three times a month.

8. Don't call to make fun of them after their sports team suffers a tough loss.

9. Don't let your friends keep buying rounds without stepping up to the plate yourself.

10. Don't order a seven-course breakfast when everyone else is eating bagels, then say "Let's just split the check evenly" when the bill comes.


Song Of The Moment: Rick Ross Feat. Mario - Get Away
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