Monday, December 7, 2009


That's nine. Which means I've implicitly signed up for death in 2010.

This will make or break me.

Let's hope it's not the latter.


On another note, there is definitely nothing quite like reliving things you see in sitcoms. Today, we played some touch football in Battery Park. Just like out of the Friends episode. To keep in spirit, we kept sending someone "deep". To keep in even more spirit, some girls stopped by to watch. Brish yells out "nice boots!". Lining up near the sideline, we hear "nice boobs!". The girls look down confused. Their eyes brighten up as they hope we are not complete asshole and were talking about footwear. Unfortunately, they did not accept our invitation to join in. I did not get the opportunity to ask someone where the Dutch came from.


Song Of The Moment: Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Comment: I am definitely yours.

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